It's Alive! Maggots

Destruction versus creation

It's Alive! sees two populations of parasites and a screen image combine into a living interface. Webcam, maggots and ants. The webcam looks out into the space and slowly builds up an RGB image of what it sees - point it at another changing artwork like a video and it will subtly shift its patterns of light. The maggots feed on this light and are revealed writhing away within the image once a certain brightness has been achieved. Large and ugly they are indifferent to the source as long as there is enough light. The ants have a different scheme in mind. They continuously wander across the surface of the image looking to repair damage caused by the maggots. Filling in holes with fine gossamer-like threads, their programmed desire is to restore order.

The three intertwined activities; webcam, maggots and ants, operate as a living ensemble; continuously being reconfigured. A parasitic interface consuming energies from the artworks and audience they share a space with.

Maggots feed on light provided by webcam

Genetic Moo 2017