Blister Cinema was part of GEEK 2015

500 people played a series of microbial micro-games over the weekend.

The Panay Fashion Building, Marine Gardens, Margate, CT9 1UN (opposite the Clocktower)
FRIDAY 20th - SUNDAY 22nd FEB ---- 12-6pm. FREE ADMISSION.

Blister Cinema was a room full of interactive art games which took you inside an infected human blister. The games use kinect sensors to put the audience right inside the action. The health of the host is at stake - will the infection take over or will the immune cells restore normality?

Blister Cinema has been created by local artists Genetic Moo in collaboration with scientist Dr Neil Dufton and is an Animate Projects commission supported by the Wellcome Trust. You can learn about the science of inflammation and talk to the artists about the project and their creative coding techniques. You will be able to meet a huge horsefly and walk inside a 3D dome construction with interactive projections.

Thanks to Olly for use of the Panay Fashions space. This new Margate space is available to rent for events and flexible use. Visit the shop for more details. Thanks to Stephan Costenslayer for helping out with the show and his stop frame camera. And finally thanks to Kate Kneale for the GEEK support.

This was the first of three Blister Cinema events (2nd one in Cardiff, 3rd one back in Margate at Limbo) which is a Wellcome Trust commissioned project supported by Animate Projects to make a short art science film on the theme of inflammation. The show gave us lots of ideas about how to code for and document interactions to get great footage for the final film. Photos from the event can be seen on our Blister Cinema Flickr page. You can read more about our progress on a special blog and the whole Wellcome Trust project on the Silent Signal website.

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