Blister Cinema 2 at ArcadeCardiff

A fantastic voyage into inflammation

Arcade Cardiff Gallery, Unit 3b, Queens Arcade. Cardiff

Fri 10 to Sat 18 April 12-4pm

Blister Cinema took you inside an interactive art science zone representing an infected human blister. You could play the part of various microbial elements pushing and pulling your way through bacterial obstructions, spreading, multiplying, engulfing and destroying - taking part in physical interactions which form elements of the battle between infection and inflammation.

Photos from the event can be seen on our Blister Cinema Flickr page

Computer Arts Society Talk

Hosted by Dr Nick Lambert of the Computer Arts Society, this was the first CAS talk held in Cardiff. Genetic Moo discussed Blister Cinema, exploring the technical and artistic challenges in simulating the inflammation process and explaining the Silent Signal project of which it is a part. Helping Genetic Moo were three of their collaborators.

In April, our 360 degree image of Tracer was selected for the Wellcome Trust's image of the week.

Blister Cinema has been created by Genetic Moo in collaboration with scientist Dr Neil Dufton and is an Animate Projects commission supported by the Wellcome Trust. This is the second of three Blister Cinema events. The final event in June will act as an interactive film set to gather footage for a short art science film on the theme of inflammation. You can read more about our progress on a special blog and the whole Wellcome Trust project on the Silent Signal website.

Documentation of Tracer captured on 360 Pixpro camera and presented at double speed

Genetic Moo 2017