Lyst Summit 2016

"This summit aims to bring light and love to a somewhat controversial subject in games; even though romance, love and sex are some of the most natural aspects of human behaviour, it is not portrayed very often, or very well in games. We want to bring artists, developers, sound artists and creatives from inside and outside the industry together to celebrate, discuss and create within these marvelous topics."

We contributed to this summit in several ways. First we gave a talk titled Fight, Flight, F*** or Dance? which uses ideas from Ethology to look at interactive art and games by us and other artists. We also wondered how we can put sex / sensuality back into our work. We also be took part in the interactive sessions running Multiple and Frog-virus. And we stayed on for the game jam weekend, working with other people to explore the possibilities of touch screen lycra interactives.

We had a great time at Lyst Summit and have written a report on our blog

We've also put up a load of photos on Flickr of the organic feedback system we produced

Genetic Moo 2017