The Schauerman Digital Art Prize

This new prize is part of The London Group Open 2017

Deadline 29th August 2017

Online applications here.

A new prize for digital art in all its forms. The selected artworks will be shown as part of the London Group Open in November 2017 and the winner will receive £500. Digital video, still image, sound, 3D, web, game art, interactive, installation, VR, electronics, robotics, etc...

This prize is selected by London Group members Genetic Moo (Nicola Schauerman and Tim Pickup). Nicola's parents, Marie & John Schauerman, were creative throughout their lives and excited by new technology. This award is in memory of their enthusiasm and support.

To be eligible for the Prize you need to enter and be selected for The London Group Open. See their website for more information on the Open, and a list of all the prizes valued up to £7000, including ours. We have been members of this prestigious art co-operative for six years and are actively involved in all the digital aspects of the group, social media etc. We want to encourage more digital artists to become involved with the group and hope this £500 prize will achieve that. We recently co-curated a small exhibtion of member's digital art at Watermans Art Gallery until May 20th 2017. This show gives a good idea of the types of digital art produced by the group currently (see above image).

The London Group Open exhibitions this year are in the Cello Factory, Waterloo in November and December 2017. The gallery is predominantly a large white space (see above image), but it does have a small dark room upstairs. This room is usually where selected videos are projected in a show reel. Please take into account the venue when submitting digital work for the show. There are size restrictions (there are about 70 members and 70 non-members in the show) so you will need to work out how best to display your work. You will need to provide all equipment, unless you are happy to go onto a show reel of video / audio. However there are no restrictions on what type of digital media you use and we will be generous when classifying what is or isn't digital art. Deadline for submission is 29th August 2017.

Here are some images of digital works which have been in previous Cello Factory shows.

Online applications here.

You can contact us with any enquiries regarding the prize :

Good Luck

Genetic Moo 2017