Genetic Moo run creative coding workshops inspiring the next generation of coders. To learn more contact us

Below are a few ways in which we have successfully run workshops in the past. We are more than happy to design workshops around a venue's particular needs. Our main passion is the creative use of computer coding and graphics. Animation. Interaction. Games. Technology. Our workshops are suitable for beginners and we have worked with kids as young as 8.


As interactive artists we enjoy engaging with the public in as many ways as possible. Whenever we put on a show we run free drop-in sessions where we tell people about our work and let them play. We do impromptu talks and demos introducing the programming techniques and ideas behind the works. And then it is over to them - we are thrilled when people interact in ways we didn't think of.

Kids creative coding

These workshops last an hour or so and in that time we teach basic code driven animations. We use the language Processing which is one step up from Scratch and allows kids full control of what goes where. They can design their own programs and add crazy coloured graphics, images and text around the screen. At the end they can take home their own creations for further experimentation.

Beginner's coding

These can run for a day or two and are suitable for people who are just starting coding and want to find out more about how to move pixels and graphics around the screen. We explore simple algorithmic simulations which behave in life-like ways using simple rules. We help people to design their own rules. At the end we like to put on a group show where we project the results on the walls using multiple projectors and discuss what we did or tried to do.

Game making for geeks

This year we are helping a group of young people to make their own video games. We are running a series of workshops and play sessions throughout the year with the idea that the kids work in groups to design their own Kinect based interactive games. We provide a simple game engine and they do the rest. We hope to show the results to the public at GEEK 2017 (Games Expo East Kent) in Margate. If the games are any good then we will take them to other UK game festivals.

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